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Virtual Reality

In the current landscape, engaging audiences has become a lot more challenging. It used to be all about billboards and newspaper ads, and then the world was obsessed with radio and then TV, which was followed by websites and social networks. But now it’s a new world of immersive and experiential technology; a world that most brands and agencies are only starting to explore.
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At the forefront of all of this is virtual reality (VR), which gives users a distinct presence in a 3D environment that looks and sounds real. It can also provide more dynamic content and offer some control over what they experience. We firmly believe it will be the next evolution of targeted content that can leave a lasting impression, while providing a return for organizations.
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We were intrigued by the value of VR early on, and have fully delved into creating 3D environments that can educate, inform and entertain. As more display products fill the market—Microsoft Hololens, Sony PS VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, among others—consumers will not only be experimenting with VR, they will be demanding it.

There’s a lot of value for brands and agencies: content that is more engaging, personalized and dynamic along with more comprehensive data about user engagement.

Augmented Reality

Remember when smartphones and tablets made your desktop portable? Well, augmented reality (AR) is the new visual interface that will ingrain computing into everyday tasks both at home and in the workplace.

AR is a way to add detail and information to a real environment, in order to elevate content and ensure that audiences receive a multi-dimensional and engrossing experience. Whereas VR creates a new world, AR enhances the existing one.

Simply put, AR superimposes computer-generated images on a real worldview to supplement the user’s experience. The idea is to compel the user to explore a familiar place that is filled with valuable information.

Imagine driving down the street and everything you see is visually augmented with information—traffic, construction, possible detours, a store’s hours of operation, who’s calling on your phone, important information about your destination—this is what AR delivers, information that blends into and reflects the world around you.

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