Telling compelling stories through visual, immersive and unforgettable experiences.

Redox is a full-service production company that develops creative and mould-breaking solutions for broadcast, online and mobile platforms. We work with agencies and organizations of all sizes, with the objective of collaborating to create content that can educate, excite, compel, and ultimately, drive results.
We carefully crafting engaging content that helps audiences understand and remember what it is you’re trying to say.
All of this is accomplished by putting thought and effort into choosing what experience will work best for each project.

VR is our main focus and we believe that it is has the potential to transform content and educate users to a greater extent than current technologies and practices. We team with brands and agencies to leverage VR and to push it to exciting and impactful new frontiers.

AR has proven value in making education more accessible and exciting. It can also act as the perfect communication tool for businesses and is capable of entertaining audiences who are looking for something more immersive and engaging. AR enhances the world like few other technologies, and can coax the most out of VR’s potential.

For over 10 years, we’ve perfected the development and production of computer graphics and animation. Our track record is impeccable when it comes to delivering spots on time and on budget.

We’ve partnered with companies and agencies of all sizes to design and develop websites that connect with audiences. Our websites are visually striking, offer an intuitive user experience and are easy to maintain.

From education apps that transform a children’s book into a world of exploration, to corporate apps that brand and communicate and even apps for the purpose of pure entertainment, all of our work is visually engaging and filled with interactive content. We’ve built our reputation on developing mobile applications for iOS and Android.

At the very heart of Redox are a group of passionate people who love to create and play. Whether it’s educational or recreational, we have successfully developed a variety of games that have appealed to gamers around the world.


Why work with us

All of our projects start by listening to our clients.
From there, we collaborate as a team, paying close attention to the details and keeping your goals in mind.
Then, we execute with precision to ensure that the story reaches your audience in the most engaging way possible.
Redox Entertainment is dedicated to telling your brand’s story via the most immersive experiences. If you need to get your customers to experience your product, we will build a precise 3D model and create a VR experience to showcase it.
If you want an enjoyable customer experience that doesn’t see a dropoff before completion, then we will use our game building skills to reward effort while injecting excitement into something as mundane as a form. We know that technology and storytelling are the perfect vessels to craft content that reaches your audiences.
Even though consumers are becoming more familiar with advanced technologies, it’s still uncharted waters for a lot of brands and agencies. It’s important that you partner with an experienced team that can mitigate risks while executing a project on time and on budget.

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